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Cooperation for 2011 New Crop
2010 crop is over and 2011 crop is coming now. Although we haven’t had any deal with you yet, we still thank you for your attention to our company and product.
For the time being, most of kidney beans 2011 crop is still in the field, not harvested yet. So far as we know, the output of most of kinds will be much smaller than 2010 crop due to the smaller growing area, so all the farmers and suppliers are expecting a high price for the new crop. The quality seems ok now, but depends on the weather situation from now to the harvest time. The exact information will be only got to know after a full harvest, around 2-3 weeks later. We’ll update the latest market information from our side.
Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in our product and have any questions. We would like to give you our best support.
Finally, thanks again and hope to have a good business start with you in the new season.

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